13 July 2014

Jess’ TOP 10 TIMES

Jess’ TOP 10 TIMES / things from our Broome holiday. 1. The sun 2. Manning Gorge  3. Mt Barnett Roadhouse on the Gibb River Road 4. Bell Gorge 5. Tunnel Creek 6. Willie Creek Pearl Farm 7. Camel Rides 8. Swimming 9. Sunsets 10. Family

13 July 2014

Broome and the Kimberley

What a wonderful holiday! Anne-Marie and I have always wanted to go to Broome – it was one of the places we had in mind for our honeymoon and somewhere that we regularly thought about it, yet had never been. The main reason being that flights are always so expensive. Earning a heap of frequent […]

13 July 2014

Camel Ride on Cable Beach

On Tuesday afternoon we went to Cabale beach. We were gowing to ride camels. And dads camel  was called Zara , and mums and melody was called Rocket Rodney, Jessis and Zach was called Bully. We were on the front camels. The man gave Zara and Rocket Rodney a carrot at the start.     […]

13 July 2014

Manning Gorge

On Wednesday the 2nd of July 2014 we went to Manning Gorge. To get to Manning Gorge, first you had to go across the river in a small boat (as shown below) by pulling the rope.  Then you had to do a 4km walk on a rocky path (as shown above) and try not to […]

22 June 2014

Here we go, here we go, here we go

Running with the soccer theme appropriate for this Soccer World Cup time here we go! MEL to PER to Broome. One hour of travel (to the airport) done. Ten more to go today. Wish us luck :)

9 June 2014

Urquatts is not just a beach

11 February 2014

Amy’s Ride 2014

What a tough ride. I thought we’d be writing a cheerful post full of funny little stories about the ride. And if this note was about any of the previous Amy’s Rides that’s exactly what it would be. Amy’s Rides have always been great fun! However Sunday’s 60kms was some of the hardest riding we’ve […]

29 January 2014

Tour Down Under 2014

On Tuesday the 21st of January 2014 Dad woke me up at 6:45 to go to Mclaren Vale in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia, Earth, Solar system, Milky way, Universe for the Tour Down Under. We missed the first 2 stages because we were still in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Earth, Solar System, Milky way, Universe. The […]

10 November 2013

The Hampton Pony

Outside our house I patted the pony. The pony is called Turbo because it runs fast. We have lots of grass – the pony eats it. The pony normally lives on a farm but it escaped and now it lives just down the road. It is brown and when we saw it there was a […]

31 October 2013


Very proud of Jess and Zach (not an uncommon occurrence in this family blog I know!). Last night they both performed in the Hampton Primary Soirée, a musical evening featuring more than 50 acts over two and a half hours at McKinnon Secondary College. Their first songs were with the school orchestra (yes, our primary […]

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