14 June 2017

Geneva to Lyon


This was epic.  For most of the ride I felt ok, but the last 2 hours the pain and fatigue kicked in. When I got to Lyon I lay down to rest and promptly fell asleep for 3 hours. Was only woken when a thunderstorm hit.  I had researched the route and decided to go […]

9 June 2017

Luna Loop de Loop


Luna always wants to have something in her mouth when playing fetch. When excited she does loops. 

8 June 2017

Warburton > Mt Donna Buang


3 days until Richard heads to France to ride up hills. So, after packing the kids off to school, Anne-Marie, Luna and I headed to Warburton. ​​ Mt Donna Buang from Richard Bowen on Vimeo.

21 May 2017

TedMay.cc Sunday Edition


12 of us set-off on a beautiful Melbourne autumn morning. By the top of Two Bays we were 7. A very enjoyable ride.

20 May 2017

Indoor Cricket

A wicket for Zach and I happened to be filming.  ​​

20 May 2017

Melody at District Cross-Country 

Melody at District Cross CountryRepresenting Hampton Primary in Y4. Very happy to be in the team, Melody had a great run and finished approx top 40. I love Melody’s smooth running style. Go Melody! And testing a video in the post  

17 May 2017

It’s been a while …


So here’s a test post. And a photo. Or two.  I’ll probably delete both, but want to see what still works …

14 April 2017



A new holiday destination for us but so good that we booked for next year before we had even left! It wasn’t super hot but we were still in the water every day.  We took mountain bikes. Every morning Anne-Marie and I rode into Merimbula for an early coffee. But we also did some family […]

27 June 2015



I don’t know why this happens.  Jess, Zach, Melody and their 4 cousins. Every visit. Every cushion, pillow, bean bag and doona into the carpeted room. Riot.  I think that’s Baxter underneath the pile last Sunday.      

5 February 2015

2015 Summer Holidays


The summer holidays were fantastic this year. After the craziness of late 2014 – Richard working in Ballarat, the State Election and no respite from kid sport / concerts / events – we all needed a break, especially Anne-Marie who’d pretty much been a single parent from August-November. Anglesea The holiday started with a couple […]

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